'A sinister kid, is a kid who runs to meet his maker, a drop dead sprint from the day he's born, straight into his makers arms"
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I owe replies to the following: 

  • misszatanna 
    (( I LOVE how these two were interacting. Still want to continue? ))
  • diableret  
    (( Your response was phenomenal. I’m trying to match up to that. Sorry for the slow pace ))
  • freedom-is-not-given-its-taken  
    (( Want to still continue? I’m very curious about your character.))
  • incubusnightwing  
    (( this is fun. Want to still continue? ))
  • virtualbatgirl  
    ((There’s the ‘fap’ rp, and the other introduction one, I believe? If you want to continue  either one or both, let me know? ))
  • cheshsjadesmile
    (( Want to still continue? ))
  • miss-selina-kyle
    (( loved their interaction so far. Want to still continue? ))
  • robin-b20  
    (( Your timmy’s so cute. :3 Still interested in continuing? ))
  • wingofthenightvariety
    (( -squints- I dunno……..My beware-of-dick-grayson-senses are tingling….))
  • notyouraverageacrobat
    (( Still interested in continuing? :3 Sorry for the slow pace))
  • artemisau
    (( We left it at an odd spot. Want to still continue?))
  • batbarbara
    (( I haven’t forgotten about ours. I liked  it a lot! lol How about we finish up this tag you’re it sort of rp and then plan for something else as well? I really like your batgirl.))
  • not-like-the-other-boys  
    (( I have two with you? The one where he has insomnia and the introduction rp. Any interest in continuing either one? I’m a big fan of you so either one - or a new one- would be swell.))
  • stephwillspoilyou 
    (( I replied but didn’t hear back from you? Let me know if you’re still interested. ))
  • darkoutlaw 
    (( We suddenly have a kagillion things. 83 I wants them all. -grabby hands-))
  • jncera   
    ((…if you still want to > > I was having fun.  ))

Sorry if I’m missing you. Let me know. I’ll brb. 


  • sunshinespeedster 
    (( It’s a gag!rp but if you want to still continue? ))
  • darkmattermath 
    ((Wow I’m not familiar with your character at all but so far I’m having a lot of fun with him. Still interested in continuing? ))
  • forgivemefathertodd
    (( Did we end up agreeing on what we were going to do? ))
  • anonjasontodd
    (( :3 thread! ))
  • kinetic-synergist 
    (( I’ll look for the starter post and when I get home I’ll reply. :3 Thanks for your patience and interest, sweetie.))

If I missed anyone, please let me know? It’s…as you can see I owe a lot of people. :/ So thank you all for interacting with me. Weekends are especially busy for me because of work. So I’ll try to shoot these out as fast as I can. I’ll be mobile so I may check in now and then but I’m not officially here. I hate reblogging via mobile because threads cut off and get messed up so…We’ll have to wait till I get home. 

Again thank you so much! 
- Jason’s mun. 

PS - if I missed you/owe you/want to start something, shoot me an ask or reply/like this post.  -waves-

  • [[ EDITED]] starfirekory 
    (( I’m so sorry sweetheart!! I’m not doing it on purpose. There. It’s added. <333 ))
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  1. wingofthenightvariety said: //;______; B-but….but….
  2. robin-b20 said: (( Aww thanks! <3 I’m totally up for continuing if you are! :D
  3. virtualbatgirl said: //I hadn’t considered FAP a thread but am willing to continue both. Your Jason’s fun to play bumper-heads with Babs’ own.
  4. starfirekory said: (you forgot me again)
  5. batbarbara said: {Sure thing, shoot me a PM to start plotting.}
  6. notyouraverageacrobat said: ((yes i am))
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